November 17, 2008

Excerpts from the Diary of a Mad Overlord - Part 5

by Ed Rozmiarek

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< Week 8 >
< Garden of Tarn dungeon, level 3, "Pit Fiend (23)" >
Dear Diary,
Ah, Diary, It seems like it has been months since I last had time to record my thoughts here. These pesky heroes must have been lost in a time warp going from the second to third level of the Garden of Tarn dungeon. Whatever the cause was, they finally showed up knocking on the door of the Pit Fiend's lair.

The heroes were very cautious and set up a defensive position near the first intersection. Looking in my bag of tricks I could only find the summoning spell for a bunch of Kobolds. So I sent them to the dungeon to help out the Pit Fiend's razorwings and the Fiend's pet manticore. I hoped that the Kobolds would buy some time and I had the masters hang back with the Pit Fiend to help him spring traps on the heroes.

Then Runemaster Thorn made his normal speed run for the gold and ended up just in range of a couple kobolds and razorwings. This group rushed in and almost took Thorn out, but was not able to finish the job. Meanwhile, Corbin and Steelhorns went after the manticore and were able to just take it out. Thorn, hanging on to life was able to call up enough energy to take out a kobold and with the help of Kirga, they cleared out a couple razorwings and the other kobolds. This enraged the Pit Fiend who charged out of his corner and tore into Thorn, sending him back to town.

The tricky master kobolds were able to spring a couple of traps before Steelhorns realized what was going on. He then charged the kobolds and quickly brought them down. The rest was mop up action as Kirga was able to bring down the Pit Fiend with a couple of well placed dwarven firebombs. And even though the chest turned into a mimic Beastman, no serious damage was done to the heroes before they exited the dungeon.

(Conquest: Heroes +7, OL +5)
Editor's note: Total Conquest ... 199 ... one shy of silver.

< Week 9 >
Dear Diary,
I was not happy how last week ended up. However, I woke up today in a better mood. As I walked outside I thought I saw a glimpse of a silver ring around the sun. That can only mean that the gods are pleased with my work. At night the great comet appears closer. My Ascension can not be far away. I feel it.

The weekly updates from the minions have arrived. The siege at Nerekhall continues to show no end with the walls still holding and the population still determined to support the old gods. They will be reeducated soon as I tire of their resistance. Sir Alric reports that his siege engine construction is complete and will soon start his active siege of Greyhaven. And Kar-Amag-Atoth continues his uninterrupted building of siege engines outside of the capital of Tamalir.

As I await the right conditions to start casting the spells to strengthen my creatures, I have spent this week researching the tomes for new treacherous tricks to spring on those heroes. I will have a new trick or two up my sleeve the next time they test a dungeon.

Speaking of those heroes, they were seen passing by the Thelsvan Highway late in the week.
(Conquest: Heroes +0, OL +1)

< Week 10 >
Dear Diary,
What a glorious week!

Early in the week I woke to find what I was hoping for, a shiny silver ring around the sun. A clear sign that it was time to take the next step for my Ascension. I immediately rushed by to my chambers and started casting the spells to provide my humanoid monsters the same silver enhancement that my Eldritch creatures have been using.

I received more wonderful news later in the week as the report from Sir Alric came in. Greyhaven has fallen! The citizens of Greyhaven were caught unaware as Sir Alric started the siege. He made quick work of their defenses and razed the city. I must send my new priests to Greyhaven to oversee the construction of the first of my new temples. I have sent Sir Alric to Tamalir to relieve Kar-Amag-Atoth there.

Unfortunately, the entire week was not a success as the report from Nerekhall was the same. No success with the siege.

My servants in Riverwatch sent a report that the hero band showed up there. They went straight to the market to spend their ill gotten gains from the last dungeon.
(Conquest: Heroes +0, OL +6)

< Week 11 >
Dear Diary,

Oh Diary, what another magnificent week. Nerekhall has finally fallen! Lord Merrick showed the town no mercy as he cleared it out to prepare for the new temple. Two weeks; two cities razed. Much better progress. Can there be any question that the gods are truly on my side?

Sir Alric started the siege at Tamalir and as one could expect, the walls of the town held up to the first wave of attacks. I have sent Kar-Amag-Atoth south to follow up on the hero band.

I decided to try out the second level enhancement spell on my Eldritch creations. It worked flawlessly. They now glow with a golden hue; wonderful.

The heroes stayed in Riverwatch another week. Three of them were seen hanging out in the market digging for new toys. There was a report that Kirga was seen training and that later in the week was seen around town with a new Shadow Soul hovering around.
(Conquest: Heroes +0, OL +7)

< Week 12 >
Dear Diary,

The gods are surely pleased with my work...

The walls of Tamalir have collapsed.

The city is mine.

Nothing can now stop my Ascension.

The comet IS coming.

They will fear me!

Editors Comments:
And here ends our story. As foreseen, the heroes were behind the eight ball and everyone was ready to play it out and start fresh. Although, I am a bit sad I was not able to run a dungeon with completely upgraded monsters. If Tamalir had not fallen I did have enough conquest to upgrade the Beast category to silver during week 12.

Final Box Score:
Avatar: Demon Prince
Scenario: Ascension
Week: 12
Nerekhall: Razed
Greyhaven: Razed
Tamalir: Razed, Cathedral upgrade
Eldritch: Gold
Humanoids: Silver
Conquest: Overlord 154 (43 unspent) / Heroes 59 : Total 213 / Silver level

So where do we go from here? Another campaign of course. We had time to reset the game and start fresh. And this time I think the heroes will do much better. Not only do they have the experience from this first campaign, they have a much stronger party. They have:

Nanok of the Blade with Taunt (Yikes!)
Varikas the Dead with Leadership
Landrec the Wise with Quick Casting
Grey Ker with Eagle Eye

They will be facing the Sorcerer King and his sniping Skeletons. The Sorcerer King will be attempting the Endless Night scenario. What will happen? Stay tuned for the story to come...

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