June 29, 2008

Excerpts from the Diary of a Mad Overlord

by Ed Rozmiarek

Dear Diary,

It is a glorious day. After many long days of research and a couple of, shall we say, "educational" efforts, I have been successful in summoning and controlling the Demon Prince. This was the last piece I needed to start the overthrow, I mean, conversion of the land of Terrinoth. The signs in the heavens continue to guide my path. The great comet is coming and I must prepare the land for the changes to come. Just this morning I sent my faithful servant, Sir Alric, to the nearby town of Nerekhall. There he will begin educating the inhabitants of the heavenly signs. I have instructed him to start construction of the first of the needed new temples as soon as he can. I must look into sending him help when I find another trustworthy servant.

Dear Diary,

I have heard from my sources near Tamalir that there is a new group of foolish "heroes" causing trouble. The Lawlessness I have spread though out the land should slow these fools down if they wander around outside the city for long.

Dear Diary,

These adventurers have already started to cause trouble at the dungeon near the Starfall Forest. Legion, my skeleton master there, was able to send a report of these fools. They appear to be led by a large, goat like creature that goes by the name, now get this, "Steelhorns". There is a dwarf that went by the name of "Corbin" and another short hooded creature they called "Kirga". The last of the group was identified by Legion as Thorn, the Runemaster from northern Terrinoth.

The last message from Legion said he had the situation under control. He was able to take down the goat creature but needed the help of some Beastmasters and Kobolds. It seems the skeleton warriors that Legion was always bragging he could summon at will did not slow down these adventurers.

Dear Diary,

I have not heard from Legion since that final report, and I found out why. I have recently received a report from the staff of the Arena at Starfall that this same group was foolish enough to challenge the Ogre Champion. This means that Legion failed to stop them and they were able to figure out how to open the door to the portal. Ah, so long fools. Taking on the undefeated Champion. Fools indeed.

Dear Diary,

Two of my Dark Priests who were at the Arena were able report back on this new group of trouble makers. Although the priests did not see the beginning of the day's battle, they heard that the adventurers were able to quickly take out a couple of skeletons and a sorcerer. That roused the Ogre Champion who took matters into his own hands. The fools quickly learned why he was the Champion. The ogre was able to fling the goat creature and the dwarf around the arena at will, but they appeared to be tougher than they looked. But, they quickly found out that the Ogre Champion was tougher than he looked. Even after taking many hits and seeming to fall unconscious, he quickly got back up appearing fully fresh. Ah, how I love Undying creatures.

The keepers of the arena were able to bring up some Hell Hounds to guard the exit and then sent in a group of kobolds in the entrance. The kobolds were able to get through the dwarf's armor and sent him packing. The Dark Priests also got into the spirit of the battle even from the stands on the west side of the arena. They were able to take a few pot shots at the goat man and sent him to the Temple.

Little was seen of the wizard who apparently was running from bone heap to bone heap looking for treasure. He was able to find many potions that had been dropped by the previous combatants of the Arena. These adventures needed these potions to stay on their feet as long as they did.

Sadly, my priests ended their report with the fall of the Champion. With the door unlocked, the adventurers quickly ran to the exit. The revived goat man was able to remove one of the Hell Hounds. The other hound had the weakened dwarf in his sights but must have coughed up a hair ball because no flame ensued. Useless hounds. The priests jumped down from the stands and chased the adventurers toward the exit. They report that they were able to damage the "Kirga" character, but could not bring him down before they ran to the portal.

Dear Diary,

I have been thinking. This new group is becoming a distraction to my work. If they show up in the last part of the Starfall Forest dungeon, I will send some of my personal army down there to deal with them. I must be rid of these fools once and for all, for the comet is coming...

Box Score:
Avatar: Demon Prince
Scenario: Ascension
Week: 1
Heroes completed two levels of Starfall Forest
No cities razed.
Conquest: OL 14 / Heroes 16

Posted by Ed Rozmiarek at June 29, 2008 5:43 PM

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