August 12, 2008

Excerpts from the Diary of a Mad Overlord - Part 3

by Ed Rozmiarek

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Dear Diary,

This is starting to look like another fine week. The report from Sir Alric just arrived. Kar-Amag-Atoth arrived in Nerekhall as planned. He met with Sir Alric before moving on to Greyhaven as ordered. As for Sir Alric, he continues working on the siege engines needed to move forward with my plans for Nerekhall. He is almost complete with the construction phase.

After the last two busy weeks for me, I have planned a much needed rest this week. I need to build up my store of energy before tackling my next research project. As for those self styled "heroes", my sources tell me they skipped town. They were last seen on a boat heading east from Tamalir.

<Red Echo River dungeon, level 1, "The Crypt (15)">
Dear Diary,
They're at it again. Will they never learn? Those adventurers decided to invade The Crypt along the Red Echo River. Well, I bet they were surprised as they walked into the seemingly empty crypt only to have those three masters rise from their sarcophagi. From the masters' elevated vantage points the sorcerer Teras and skeleton Xil quickly brought down Runemaster Thorn followed closely by the dwarf Corbin. That silver magical enhancement research I completed a couple weeks ago was certainly paying off. The beastman Gog mostly stayed out of the early battle, mainly just adding his mental support to his ranged counterparts.

The adventurers were certainly determined though and kept after the masters. They concentrated their efforts on the master sorcerer. Teras took some damage but was able to jump out the way of several of their attacks. The delay allowed a couple apes to join the fay. Also, Teras was able to call a pair of his lower level sorcerers to help. The combined efforts of the masters and the apes quickly brought down Kirga who had gotten separated from his friends.

Unfortunately, the heroes were finally able bring down Teras and he was unable to get off his regeneration spell to bring himself back. This gave much encouragement to the heroes who charged back to battle, only to be met by a couple of newly arrived dark priests. In addition, the Runemaster and Corbin were surprised when one of the apes leaped over the pool of water to land behind Corbin.

As the melee continued in the main hall, Corbin and Kirga were brought down again. The beastman Gog made a strategic withdraw away from the heroes and down the right hallway. That tricky Runemaster Thorn was able to follow Gog by teleporting down the hallway, right next to Gog. This allowed Thorn to bring down the surprised Gog, who like Teras before him, was unable to cast his undying spell. Thorn paid the ultimate price for his trick as he was cut down by the sorcerers. The skeleton Xil, the last remaining master, knew he had to protect the key to the portal, so, he made a run for the protection of the distant hallway. However, unlike Gog before him, Xil was able to summon a beastman group to his aid for protection.

Harried by dark priests, sorcerers and the newly arrived beastmen, the heroes took a beating. Steelhorns finally fell, followed soon by Corbin (again). Seeing their quarry hide in the hallway and with a number of beasts between him and themselves, the adventurers finally pulled the plug on their venture and retreated to the exit glyph.

I assume they feel duly chastised for disturbing the sanctity of the Crypt. They and their feeble attacks kept missing and missing all day long. Just where did they train?

However, I must check my research into that Dark Curse spell. Three times those heroes have been able to resist the curse. I must be doing something wrong when I cast it.

(Conquest: Heroes +7, OL +26)

Dear diary,
Ah, I feel much better after my rest last week. Well, that and the warm feeling one gets by running those "heroes" back to Tamalir. In fact, I had a brainstorm the other day and thought of a new treachery I can use in the event that the adventurers show up again.

My lieutenants report that the sieges continued on schedule. Sir Alric has completed the last of the siege engines needed to bring down the walls at Nerekhall. He will begin the bombardment soon. And Kar-Amag-Atoth has started building his siege engines in the forests outside Greyhaven.

My source in Tamalir sent a report that the "heroes" didn't stay in town long this time. Probably embarrassed. He reported that they headed south this time along the Thelsvan Highway. Ah, if they only knew that they are heading right into Gax's nest of Razorwings. Poor things, I almost feel sorry for them...


Dear Diary,
As I suspected, Gax and his Razorwing flock found the adventurers as they stopped for lunch in a Narrow Path along the Thelsvan Highway. The razorwings came from two sides to quickly close in on the party. By darting in and out Gax and his flock were able to pick off the adventurers one by one. First to drop was the big lug Steelhorns soon followed by the dwarf Corbin who got slowed down by the mud. Unfortunately, it had become a battle of attrition by now. Gax was able to slowly bring in additional members of his flock, but he had been dazed by a lucky blow from the dwarf and Gax could not shake the fuzzy feeling.

After seeing Gax fly in to nip at them and then fly out of range a couple times, the two remaining heroes decided they had had enough and better revive their comrades. They were last seen hauling off the bodies of their two friends and heading south. They were reported to be camping out in front of the dungeon along the Thelsvan Highway.

(Conquest: Heroes +0, OL +5)

Box Score:
Avatar: Demon Prince
Scenario: Ascension
Week: 5
Nerekhall (Sir Alric): Four siege engines
Greyhaven (Kar-Amag-Atoth): One siege engine
Eldritch: Silver
Conquest: Overlord 76 / Heroes 36

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