July 21, 2008

Excerpts from the Diary of a Mad Overlord - Part 2

by Ed Rozmiarek

For the previous ramblings of the Mad Overlord see this post.

<Week 1. Starfall Forest dungeon, level 3, "Web of Lives">
Dear Diary,
I heard from my minions that these new adventurers from Tamalir have decided to push on in the Starfall Forest dungeon. Little do they know what lurks at the base of that dungeon. The Bane Spider Queen and her children are always looking for tasty treats to hang up in their cave and season for a while. I shall summon a goodly number of my minions there to see to these adventurers. I shall make sure they are discouraged from their new hobby. I must get back to my research.

Dear Diary,
I might as well make an update since Brum has interrupted my work with an update from Starfall Forest. The adventurers quickly removed the Queen's children guarding the northern part of her realm. However the two squads of Beastmen I sent down kept them from rescuing a couple of the villagers that were still alive.

The Runemaster was forced to drop the villagers to help deal with my Dark Priests blocking the transport glyph. This left the Kirga creature standing all alone by the door to the Queen's throne room. Kirga quickly found out this was a mistake as the Queen's guard, assisted by a couple of my Sorcerers, made mincemeat of Kirga.

With one of their party out and the others facing great odds, I expect them to flee to the safety of their home. I have instructed Brum to give me additional news when he gets it.

Dear Diary,
I see these adventurers did not take the hint. The final report from Starfall has arrived. It appears that the adventurers were eventually able to recover the captured villagers from the Queen, but it was not without great losses.

My razorwings arrived just after Kirga was killed. They quickly surrounded the dwarf Corbin and completed the task started by the dark priests. That stubborn Steelhorns creature did not learn from Kirga's death and tried to get close to the Queen's chamber. Again the guards flowed out of the room and sent Steelhorns packing.

Unfortunately the guards could not get the door closed again before the newly regenerated Kirga and Corbin were able to slay the spider guarding the door. A fierce battle ensued in the Queen's chamber. Additional beastmen and dark priest reinforcements were able to come up from behind the group and kill Runemaster Thorn while the Queen's guards were able to kill Corbin.

The adventurers were finally able to pick up the original two villagers after clearing out several kobolds who showed up late to the party. However, the little beasts were able to bring down Corbin again (who didn't have the decency to stay dead). The adventurers finally fled with several skeletons taking pot shots on the way.

(For those keeping score at home, conquest for this level: Overlord 27, Heroes 11).

Dear Diary,
This second week was much quieter than the first. I received my first report from Sir Alric in Nerekhall. The local populous does not seem to believe that the comet is coming. He has started to build siege engines to help them see the light.

My own magical research has proven profitable. I have been successful in developing stronger spells for creating my Eldritch creatures. They now glow with a silver luminescence. Very lovely.

And I heard that those pesky adventurers returned to Tamalir to lick their wounds. I suspect they have had enough of this adventuring.

All in all, a good week.

Dear Diary,
The third week of my Ascension and things are going smoothly. After much persuasion, I have convinced the Demon Prince to bring forth his personal lieutenant, Kar-Amag-Atoth. He is a fearsome beast. I have given him instructions and sent him south to confer with Sir Alric. Speaking of Alric, his siege of Nerekhall continues. He believes that it will be at least two more weeks before he has enough siege engines to take on the city walls.

No real word from Tamalir concerning those adventurers. Rumor has it they are running around town spending their ill gotten funds, buying drinks at the tavern and resting. I don't expect to hear from them again.

Box Score:
Avatar: Demon Prince
Scenario: Ascension
Week: 3
Nerekhall: Two siege engines
No cities razed.
Conquest: Overlord 43 / Heroes 27

Descent Heroes

The Descent Heroes

Descent dungeon

The heroes battle the queen spider and her guards

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