May 27, 2005

Migrating north

by Ed Rozmiarek

Itís been a little over six months since construction started on our house and now itís finally time to move in. This afternoon Susan and I did our final walkthrough with the construction supervisor and the office manager. The list we came up with was mostly nits. I think being able to keep up with the house and the weekly visits allowed us to point out things that needed to be fixed before it was too late or time consuming to fix.

After the walkthrough they gave us the OK to start moving some of our stuff in. So with the long Memorial Day weekend ahead of us, we are going to start moving the smaller things in. Weíre going to start with the clothes and other junk from the closets, kitchen stuff, etc. I am also going to start working on hanging the window shades and blinds. We also need to finish packing the garage this weekend. The movers are coming on Wednesday, so we need to have everything we want them to move packed by then. Weíre having them move the heavy stuff (must save my 40 year old back).

A few of Susanís friends have been out to the house and we were really happy to get some nice comments back from them. Some of them, after seeing the house and the neighborhood, finally realized why we are moving ďall the way out thereĒ. We have also gotten some nice comments from some of the workers. Most of the comments are about the loft railing. Iím really glad we sprung for the extra money and did it. That and the beams really give the house the unique feel we were looking for.

I best get to bed early tonight, I think Iím going to need my rest. Itís going to be a long weekend.

Posted by Ed Rozmiarek at May 27, 2005 8:27 PM

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