March 29, 2005

Beam me up!

by Ed Rozmiarek

I know I just posted the weekly update a couple days ago, but I just had to post these pictures. Monday afternoon the builder e-mailed me and wanted us to go out to the house. The cedar beams had been installed in the living room and they want to make sure they were what we wanted before going any further. Not wanting to hold up progress I called Susan and told her we needed to go out. Luckily the boys had school off (it was a “bad-weather” day that they didn’t use) so I ran home, picked up Susan and the boys and headed out to the house even though we had just been there the day before.

The beams are in!!
We had noted the cedar beams sitting in the driveway on Sunday (and I mentally noted that they had probably sat out in the rain we had Saturday, sigh). We didn’t expect them to have the beams up so quickly, but when we got to the house the beams we gone from the driveway. We went in and the first thing we noticed was the smell of fresh cedar. Walking into the living room we saw the beams. Now the house is really moving from a shell to our house. Pretty cool.

We also noted while we were there that the painters had gotten started on Monday. They had mainly been doing prep work. They had removed all of the interior doors and the hinges to be painted and they had masked off most of the kitchen cabinets to be stained. I wonder if they will be able to finish painting in a week. The trim guys still have work to do upstairs (I think they are the ones who installed the beams Monday) but I think the painters have plenty to keep themselves busy with the cabinets.

The living room as viewed from the entry way.

The kitchen cabinets being prepped.

I do have to point out one thing. I mentioned in the last update that the kitchen bar had been trimmed out. I didn’t think that was right since the bar was supposed to have a rock front. I mentioned this to the office manager of the builder and her reply was “it was easier to lay stone over the trim”. I thought that was a little strange and didn’t make a lot of sense since I figured it would get in the way and be completely covered up. Well, I got the great “told you so” satisfaction when we visited today and noted that all of the trim work had been removed from the bar. Of course they messed up some of the sheet rock, but most of the damage should be covered up with rock. It was a good feeling to know I wasn’t out in left field on this one.

For additional pictures from this week’s visit see the house photo album.

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