"0-9" Games

6 Nimmt
Time:45 minutes
Designer:Wolfgang Kramer & Klaus Palesch
This can really be a vicious, yet fun game. As with most card games, the deal can really mess up your game, but the challenge in this game is managing your hand as best as possible. Having a good mix of cards is usually the best I have found. This gives you the flexibility to make different plays. Having a run of cards in the same range is usually a killer in that you don't have choice in what cards to play.

This game produces a large number of groans, sighs of relief and maniacal laughter. Groans as you realize that someone else played a card that is going to make you take a row with many ox heads, sighs as you realize you no one played a lower card and you can play your card as the fifth one in a row, and maniacal laughter as you realize you played a card one lower than someone else and that person will take a row of cards.

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