July 21, 2006

Gulf Games - Day 2

by Ed Rozmiarek

Day 2 of Gulf Games 18 has quickly come and gone. Only two new games for me today (out the the nine I played), Um Krone und Kragen/To Court the King and Rum and Pirates. Neither one wowed me but they were pleasant games. Both seemed a little too long for what they were and both need to be played quickly.

The highlight for the day was the scheduled Memoir 44: Overlord battle we had arranged. A group of us had played a game at last summer's Gulf Games and wanted to do it again. Once again Mark Jackson was the Allied Commander and I was the German Commander and the scenario was Sword Beach. The battle did not go well for the German side as not only did the Allies have the superior numbers but they got the superior cards. Mark got a great hand of cards allowing him to activate a large number of units each turn. The Allies were quickly able to storm the beach and overwhelm the well dug in, but out numbered German forces. The Germans put up a brave fight but in the end there were just too many Allies units coming up from the beach too quickly and they won the day 10 flags to 6.

Pictures from Thursday's games can be found in the Gulf Games 18 picture album. Again, picture captions to come. Now it's time to get downstairs to the game room. There's a rumor floating around that there is a dungeon waiting to be cleaned out by a brave band of adventurers.

Posted by Ed Rozmiarek at July 21, 2006 8:25 AM

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