January 4, 2006

Ed's 2005 Game Stats

by Ed Rozmiarek

For those who are interested, here are my gaming stats for 2005.

Games played: 381
Different games played: 201

These numbers pretty much sum up our gaming group. We tend to play a bunch of different titles and donít tend to play the same thing over and over. The biggest exception on my list is Tichu, which is the current work lunch time card game of choice for 4 players. Also, although I only played it twice, Caylus-t has taken over several players in our group. It has seen repeated plays over the last month or two. This is much more than I have seen our group play a single game in such a short time.

Tichu (44 times)

David & Goliath
Fairy Tale
For Sale
That's Life/Verflixxt
Ticket to Ride/TtR Europe

Boomtown, Control Nut, Diamant, Geschenkt, Maus Nach Haus, "Trump, Tricks, Game!", Wizard

10 Days in Europe, Backgammon, Call My Bluff, Caylus, Die Sieben Siegel, Elfenland, Frank's Zoo, Fredericus, Kreta, Lucca Citta, M, Niagara, Poison, Razzia, Red Planet Mission, Rheinlander, Saboteur, Shadows Over Camelot, Sticheln, Ubongo, Victory & Honor, Zirkus Flohcati

Around the World in 80 Days, Australia, Bohnanza, Igel Argern, Kupferkessel & Co, Money, Mu, Pig Pile, Ra, Robo Rally, Rome: Circus Maximus, Royal Turf, Santiago, Turn the Tide, Undercover

10 Days in Africa, 6 Nimmt!, Age of Steam, Alexander the Great, Alhambra, Amazonas, Attacktix, Ave Caesar, Bang!, Big City, Billabong, Breaking Away, Bose Buben, Cafe International, Can't Stop, Candamir, Capitol, Carabande, Carcassonne, Carcassonne: The City, Caribbean, Carolus Magnus, Cartagena, Chess, Chessington, Cinq-o, Cityscape, Clans, Cloud 9, Cluzzle, Code 777, Coloretto, Colossal Arena, Crokinole, Cry Havoc, Deflexion, Der Feuer-Salamander, Der Fliegende Teppich, Der Prestel Schlossgarten, Der Untergang von Pompeji, Die Weinhandler, Doge, Doom, Drahtseilakt, Dschunke, Duell, Dvonn, "Easy Come, Easy Go", Einfach Genial, Elasund, Elfenwizards, Euphrates and Tigris, Evo, Exxtra, FarFalia, Favoriten, Fjords, Flandern 1302, FlaschenTeufel, Flower Power, Formula Motor Racing, Four Dragons, Freight Train, Fresh Fish, Go West, Goldbrau, Hansa, Hare & Tortoise, Havoc, Hispanola, Honey Bears, IQ 5, Ice Cream, If Wishes Were Fishes, Igloo Pop, In the Shadow of the Emperor, Ivanhoe, Jambo, King Solomon's Mine, King's Breakfast, Kuhhandel, Leap Frog, Lifeboat, Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Lost Cities, Louis XIV, Mamma Mia!, Manila, Medici, Medina, Members Only, Memoir 44, Meridian, Metro, Mit List und Tucke, Moderne Zeiten, Nicht die Bohne!, Northern Trek, Nur Peanuts, Oceania, Octiles, Old Town, Olympia 2000, Palmyra, Paris, Paris, Pirahna Pedro, Piratenbillard, Pompeji, Princes of Florence, Pueblo, Puerto Rico, Res Publica, San Juan, Scream Machine, Space Beans, Space Walk, St. Petersburg, Starfarers of Catan, Strand Cup, StrataGem, Streetcar, Submarine, Tempus, Ten Days in Africa, Texas Hold 'Em, The Gothic Game, Thingamajig, Ticket to Ride: Lyon, Timbuktu, Tonga Bonga, Too Many Cooks, Toppo, Torres, Tower of Babel, TransAmerica, Traumfabrik, Trendy, Turbo Taxi, Tutanchamun, Verrater, Viking Fury, Viva Pamplona!, Von Kap Bis Kairo, Warhamster Rally, Wettstreit der Baumeister, Ys, Zigity, Zoff im Buffalo

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