April 15, 2005

Sold! (Almost)

by Ed Rozmiarek

The “Sold” sign goes on.
Sold!, well, not quite, but close. Close enough for our agent to put the sold sign on the for sale sign in the yard. Close enough for us not to have a showing in the past two weeks and I don’t expect any this weekend.

We have had no problems with the contract or related stuff. We have had the inspection items taken care of without too much layout of additional cash. The last major hurdle is that the our buyers still need to close on their house they are selling. That is scheduled for Monday. We have heard nothing about that falling through so assuming that happens we should be all set to close on the sale of our house May 2. After that we get to move on to arranging the actual moving of our stuff. More headaches but getting closer to having the whole process behind us.

Posted by Ed Rozmiarek at April 15, 2005 11:21 AM

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