April 11, 2005


by Ed Rozmiarek

The progress on the house continues, but just not fast enough for our desires. Every week I expect the pace to pick up and have several things be completed, but it was not to be this week. However, what did get done was good progress. This week the tile layers had been hard at work. After doing over 450 square feet of tile in our current house, I can appreciate the amount of work it takes to lay tile and I was surprised by the amount of tile they got down in a week. Just goes to show that a team of professionals is much faster than a weekend warrior.

Dining and entry tile
When we got to the house is was locked up so no one could get in. We knew this was going to happen and started looking for the lock box with the key. I was expecting it to be like one of the ones a real estate person uses (the one that hang on the door handle). Well, none of the exterior doors had handles, they just had deadbolts. After five minutes of looking around and thinking that we may not get in, we found the lock box and was able to get in.

We found that the tile for the entry way, dining room, kitchen and utility room had been completed. In fact, the tile was still wet from being sealed that morning (or so it appeared) so we did not want to walk on the tile. The tile for the boys’ bathroom was done as well. The master bathroom tile was mostly done with the floor and shower done, but the wall tile above the tub was not complete yet. I would think that the master bathroom tile would be finished this week. If the counter tops are installed, I would think that the kitchen backsplash will also be done this week.

Master bathroom tile

Master shower
The sale of our current house is progressing as well with no major hiccups. The buyers had our house inspected on Tuesday with the usual list of minor issues pointed out. There were a couple bigger issues that the buyers wanted done. Nothing major. We had one item taken care of by the end of the week and I spent a few hours on Sunday fixing a few others. The last one should be taken care of this week. The last major potential stumbling block is the buyers selling their house. They close next Monday so that should be out of the way soon. Our agent was confident enough to place the “Sold” sign on the For Sale sign in the yard.

More pictures of the tiling can be found in the house photo album.

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