April 2, 2004

Kevin turns 11

by Susan Rozmiarek

Kevin's birthday Kevin, enjoying his new books
March is the Birthday Month for us. Heck, even the dog's birthday is in March. This past weekend we celebrated Kevin's birthday. He wanted to have his buddies over for a sleepover, but he had a soccer tournament with early morning games. Instead, we spent Sunday afternoon playing a family game of Dungeons & Dragons. Kevin is absolutely obsessed with this game. Unfortunately, he can't get any friends interested in it yet. So, I brushed up on the current rules and ran an adventure with him, Ed, and Shea. It went pretty well. I wish we could play more often with him, but it takes SO much time. Only a kid has that much time! I do hope to play it more with him, perhaps this summer. He got a pile of new D&D books from us as gifts, so hopefully reading those will keep him happy for awhile. I was amazed at his knowledge of all the detailed rules of the game. If only he showed that kind of attention to his schoolwork!

Posted by Susan Rozmiarek at April 2, 2004 4:34 PM

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