Male friendship under siege!
A game by Mark Elwell, Michael Guenter and Mark Groenewold
Self published
Players: 2-6
Time: 30 minutes
Reviewed by Ed Rozmiarek

Whipped! is a self published, "take that" card game with, I must say, a questionable theme. The designers/publishers bill the game as "the card game of 'attached' guys losing friends." Players start with three friends in play and then play cards to either bond with their friends or remove bonds and friends from the other players. The last player with friends on the table wins.

Whipped! comes with a double sized deck of cards is a tuck box. The cards are of medium quality, a little on the thin side, but passable and have a glossy finish. The cards have a border color which indicates the type of card. However, the border color goes up to the edge of the card. This allows a player to determine the card types from the side. It would have been better to have a small white edge with the colored border offset from the edge.

There are six types of cards in the game:

  1. Blue "Friends": Each player starts with three of these cards on the table. When you lose your last friend, you are out of the game.
  2. Light blue "Bond": Bond cards are played on friend cards to make the friendship stronger. These cards have "guy" activities listed on them such as camping, geek con, online games, monster truck rally, etc.
  3. Pink "Whip": The negative cards. When played on another player's friend, that friend loses one bond card or if that friend has no bonds, the friend is removed.
  4. Dark pink "Über-whip": More powerful whip cards but with special conditions.
  5. Yellow "Special": Special action cards that generally cause chaos. Take two turns, swap hands with another player, play all of your whips on one player, etc.
  6. Green "Special": Generally avoidance cards that can be played in reaction to another card being played on you. Cancel the card, redirect the card action, card effects all players, etc.
The art on the cards are hand-drawn black and white line drawings. Obviously done that way to keep the production costs down (I believe that they were done by one of the designers). Unfortunately, the amateurish look of the art is a distraction and really pales in comparison to professionally produced games with professional art like the Munchkin series from Steve Jackson or the "B" movies games from Z-Man Games.

The rules come on two cards, one for the actual rules and one for a card reference.

Whipped! Components
Whipped! components
Game play:
The game play is fairly straight forward, with no real additions to the "take that" genre. The players start with three friends in play on the table in front of them. They are then dealt 7 cards from the deck and are allowed to play any blue cards (additional friends or bonds). Play then starts.

On a player's turn they draw their hand up to 7 cards and then play one blue, pink or yellow card. Some of the yellow specials allow the player to play additional cards so the player may be able to play multiple cards on one turn. Green cards may only be played in reaction to another card being played on you.

That's the game. Not much depth here even for a take that game. Play good cards on you and bad cards on others and hope to out last them. Most games of the genre have some humor that helps you get through the game and makes it enjoyable, at least for the first few games. There's not much humor here. Blue cards good, pink cards bad. We had a few chuckles based on just how bad the stereotyping and humor were.

The game balance is also lacking. Get no bond cards and it's pretty hard to protect your friends. If people decide to gang up on another player, it's fairly easy to take that player out. There is even one card (that was played in our game) called "Ultimatum". This card causes the target player to lose all of his friends unless he can counter it by the end of his next turn. This was played on the first round of our game and the target player could not remove it on his turn so he was out after his second turn of the game. What fun!

The theme of women causing guys to lose their friends might go over with late teens or 20-something guys but most of our group is older than that. The theme fell very flat with our group. The women in particularly did not think it was very funny. And I would never allow my kids to play it.

Whipped! Cards
A sample of the Whipped! cards
Whipped! just completely fell flat with our group. Not a single person liked the game. I would be hard pressed to come up with a group of people (beyond the designers) who might like it. Well, maybe as a gag gift for a bachelor party. However, I would recommend that you just by-pass Whipped! and move on.

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