June 12, 2011

Game day after a long hiatus

by Susan Rozmiarek

Having recently and successfully launched our elder son into society (egads, I feel old) we are all of a sudden finding ourselves in the bewildering, unheard of position of having free weekends (as in, no soccer games). So, we've kickstarted our gaming hobby again and hosted the first of what we hope are regular, monthly game days. A total of 19 people showed up, burying us in awesome food and causing a panicked scramble to scrounge up enough chairs.

Mansions of Madness SPOILER ALERT

So what would YOU do if your car broke down in the woods and you and your fellow passengers went to the nearest creepy mansion for help and there you met a crazed guy who told you "whatever you do, DON'T open the freezer"? Why, make a beeline to the freezer and open it, of course! Duh. And immediately get sucked into a frozen wasteland to lose the game as a result. Bummer. But before I managed that, I accepted the kind gift of a sledgehammer found by my companion, a NUN, who was too weak to wield it as a weapon. Almost immediately, I fell under a dark charm and smashed her with it, breaking her leg (I think I'm going Hell for that) I almost got what I deserved a turn or two later when a picture flew off the wall to attack me, but I was able to jump out of the way and continue on my way to the room with that cursed freezer and my doom. Oh well - still a fun game despite how short it was this time. I wonder if anyone will ever let me play it with them again?

7 Wonders

First playing for me and I loved it - loved the card drafting, loved the different paths to victory, loved the short playing time, just loved it period. I am itching to play it again. Ed (my S.O.) has managed to play it something like five times already at work and I am extremely jealous.

Letters From Whitechapel

This is another variation of Scotland Yard but now hunting down Jack the Ripper. Is was pretty fun and challenging, but my favorite of this sort of game is still Fury of Dracula.

Ticket to Ride

Yes, I still play this game. Yes, I still like it a lot. In fact, I just picked up the Alvin and Dexter expansion so I hope to play it again soon so I can try that. And the two boardgaming newbies at the table loved it. As usual.

Time's Up! Title Recall

I almost split a side from laughing so much. Waaay better for me than the original Time's Up because I am much better with titles than people's names. You can still think of clues even if it's a title you don't know. People's names though, usually not. Unless the name is Beaver (don't ask).

Fun day, as usual. I can't believe it's been so long since we've done one of these.

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