November 1, 2007

OT: Music meme

by Susan Rozmiarek

Yes, this is a gaming blog, but Mark Jackson has tagged me with a meme about music and I've decided to play along for grins. Maybe more like laughs because he's asked a person whose shallow music tastes have been shaped entirely by what she has heard flipping around local radio stations all her life. In fact, there are Backstreet Boys and BeeGees CDs on our shelf and I still listen to them. Just the other day I was listening to The Best of Def Leppard. Took me right back to my college days.

This is actually a hard task as I like everything from rock, country to classical. How can I not include The Beatles, Willie Nelson, or Elton John? And yes Mark, I do like the Eagles. Good guess! So, what I've decided to list are three albums of more recent stuff that I've been enjoying. So, here you go:

The questions:

Three albums that I recommend you buy if you don't already have them and

Three bloggers I'm tagging so that they'll blog what three albums they recommend and the three bloggers they'll tag and so forth...

My answers:

Three albums:

Chris Daughtry: Daughtry. It's hard to believe that this guy didn't take top honors on American Idol. It's even harder to believe that he hadn't been discovered already.

Five for Fighting: The Battle for Everything. I never get tired of the lead singer's beautiful voice nor the song 100 Years. (No matter how many times it's played on the radio.)

Enya: Watermark. Okay, so this album isn't so very new. I love the ethereal melodies in Enya's music. This makes the perfect background music for any restful activities like reading. Beautiful, beautiful stuff.

The three bloggers part of this is a little hard for me. I read a lot of gaming blogs and a smattering of others, but I don't know many of the bloggers personally. The ones I do know probably wouldn't participate. So, if anyone reading this decides to particiapate, drop a line in the comments and I'll put the link to your blog here.

Posted by Susan Rozmiarek at November 1, 2007 6:50 PM


You have good taste in music as well as games. I dig Five for Fighting and Enya, and I like a couple of the Daughtry songs. My favorite FFF (or is it 5fF?) album is Two Lights, although 100 Years is probably my favorite song.

Posted by: Clay Blankenship on November 2, 2007 2:04 PM

Hi Clay,

Thanks for your comment!

I could have easily switched those two FFF albums as they are both really, really good.

Posted by: Susan on November 4, 2007 3:31 PM
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