October 17, 2007

A wasted morning

by Susan Rozmiarek

I stumbled across this little time-waster this morning. Look away now, lest you be sucked in too!

Monopoly Express

I've been keeping my eye for these Express games at my local big box stores but I haven't seen them show up yet. I love push-your-luck games so this is a must buy. Perhaps if it is small enough it can join Cinq-o at the bottom of my purse and be another game I carry around "just in case."

Posted by Susan Rozmiarek at October 17, 2007 4:32 PM


Great game, bought it yesterday after losing some hours plaing it online. It is not so small that it fits in a pocket. like cinq-o. It is portable though.

I also bought risk express, not played that one yet (designed by Reiner Knizia)

When playing it (monopoly express) for real, I found that the calculating your score bit is a bit troublesome sometimes.

The rules in the manual are also a bit different.
When going for the electricity/water or train properties you're not allowed to add the extra die, because those are not the correct properties.



Posted by: Marco van Bokhoven on October 19, 2007 7:19 AM
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