September 27, 2007

R-Eco is not garbage

by Susan Rozmiarek

When I picked up the mail yesterday there were two boxes from the Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Club rubber-banded together and addressed to Ed. The first one, obviously a decoy, contained several books by Glen Cook, one of Ed's favorite authors. Upon opening the second box, I found two.....romance novels?? What other dark secrets is this man hiding from me?!? *

On the topic of keeping the romance gaming alive, we are trying to revive our old tradition of playing a game on Wednesday nights even though we are usually very tired these days. Last week, I picked up a copy of R-Eco at our local game store after it got a thumbs- up from one of the picky regulars in our group. Until now, it had pretty much flown under my radar. Since we couldn't coax Shea from a new video game and Kevin had gone to bed right after dinner, a victim of his brutal early-morning/late-evening sport practice schedule, it was just Ed and me. We were a little wary of the fact that the two-player rule adjustments were tacked on to the end of rules like an afterthought, usually a bad sign. Happily, it played quite well. In fact, in contrast to Patrician getting a "not a bad filler" from me (but only with 3!), R-Eco, a game about garbage, gets a "that was excellent; let's play again!" Greg does a great job explaining the rules in his review if you are curious. While the game reminds me of 6 Nimmt and Poison with the forced taking of cards, it is not the same. In R-Eco you are trying to manage your hand within the five card limit and time your plays in order to win points while keeping within that limit. I found it to be a challenging balancing act and I did an incredibly bad job, losing to Ed with four points to his eight. I must play this one again soon.

Ed is taking the day off from work tomorrow and we are planning to work on some landscaping projects. I wonder if I can convince him to knock off early and pull out Battlelore. We keep buying all those darned expansions but have only played the game once.

*He's now off the hook as the box also contained paperwork addressed to a lady in Minnesota. Still.....

Posted by Susan Rozmiarek at September 27, 2007 3:34 PM


Is that why Ed sits in the far back corner of the cafeteria during lunch? Because he is reading romance novels?! Romance novels are better than 42?!

Posted by: Mark Hamzy on September 27, 2007 5:21 PM

Obviously, someone needs to go back to elementary school to work on his reading comprehension.

Posted by: Ed on September 28, 2007 7:05 AM

Glad to see you blogging again, Susan!

R-Eco was a recent pickup in my house, too. The theme interested me before I even played the thing, but about the time some buddies were figuring out how to organize a group purchase from Japan, we heard Z-Man was coming out with a version here in the US. I'm not sure why Z-Man switched to cardboard tokens in place of the scoring cards, but that's ok.

Played it once with my 10yo, Molly, and then once again with Molly and my wife Candy. As long as you've got someone dealing the cards (more complicated that usual, in this game), we found it moves along at a nice clip. A good one for us.


Posted by: Mark Johnson on September 28, 2007 10:12 AM

I'll echo the sentiment that R-Eco is a fantastic filler. It is quite unassuming and when I first listened to the rules, I thought it might be another in a long line of games destined for dust collection duty before being traded or given away. It was clever and most importantly quite fun.

Posted by: Craig Massey on October 1, 2007 8:22 PM
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