August 22, 2006

National Games Week 2006

by Ed Rozmiarek

National Games Week is going to happen again in 2006. This year it is again going to be during the Thanksgiving week; November 19-25 to be exact. I think this is a pretty good time to have it since many families get together over the holiday week and the kids have extra time off from school. With a little extra effort you can turn that family gathering into a NGW event. Why do this? First off, to promote boardgames is the standard reason. But also, if you submit an after-action report, you will be entered into the NGW prize drawing. The top prize last year was pretty nice, a complete set of Avalon Hill games. We didn’t get the top prize but Susan did win a complete set of Palladium books.

You can visit the National Games Week website to get all of the details. You can also register your game group and/or NGW events at the site. I have already registered our traditional “Why Shop When You Can Game” Day as a NGW event. We hold this the day after Thanksgiving. While others are out fighting the crowds and starting the mad commercialism dash towards Christmas, we’re home with our friends relaxing and gaming.

Posted by Ed Rozmiarek at August 22, 2006 3:43 PM

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