June 17, 2005

Torres Online

by Susan Rozmiarek

The French website, Bote jeux, has added to Torres to their stable of fine games that already includes Alhambra, Dvonn, Gipf and Finstere Flure. These games are all play-by-web versions that do not have to be played in real time. I think that you are supposed to get an email notification when it is your turn in a game, but Ive never gotten one. I dont read French very well (at all), so I probably neglected to check some box when I created a user id.

Torres is a fantastic, classic Kramer and Kiesling game that uses the action point system for which they are well-known. Players use their limited action points each turn to place castle blocks on the board and move knights around that will score based on the castles they occupy. A set of action cards spices things up, allowing for some fancier maneuvers. It is very abstract and elegant, with lots of opportunity for clever plays. Planning ahead is required to do well, which has always been my weakness playing the game. With an online play-by-web version, Im hoping to finally play enough to get a handle on the strategies.

Posted by Susan Rozmiarek at June 17, 2005 8:42 AM


Hi Susan,

Thanks for this. Even though I'm on there most days currently playing Finstere Flure I hadn't noticed that they'd added Torres. I shall certainly try it out. If you or anyone else want a game let me know.

Emails from Bote jeux are only issued twice a day. i.e. not immediately on your turn. They've had some problems in the past but they are working at the moment although I still go and check the site occasionally. The other thing I tend to do when playing with people I know is to email on to the next person when it's their turn.

Thanks again
aka 100%Blade

Posted by: Michael Longdin on June 17, 2005 9:33 AM
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