March 21, 2005

A Very Crabby Session Report

by Susan Rozmiarek

Once, in a blue moon, we have a game night where things just donít click with me. Iím feeling off; I donít like the games, or whatever. This past game session was just such a night for no particular reason. Thank goodness this happens rarely.



We had a little time to kill before Ed had to pop out for a bit and collect Kevin from soccer practice. We suggested Thingamajig and mustered some support from Doug to shout down the vetoers. Yet again, it was a bad choice. Ed and I keep trying to inflict this game on our group and it falls flat every time. Sigh. Weíve had a riot playing this game at Gulf Games and The Gathering but obviously it is not everyoneís cup of tea. The funny thing is that Ed cannot stand most party games, but he actually likes this one. However, other opinions in our group range from ďI donít mind it,Ē to Mark dubbing it ďThingafromhell.Ē We didnít even finish the game.

Results: Ed/Susan 14, Doug/Mark 10, Adam 6, Marty 5


With Ed gone for only a short time, we chose this highly regarded auction masterpiece by Reiner Knizia. Or is it? Iíd only played this a few times and those games were probably at least two years ago. I didnít get it then, and obviously still canít get a handle on it now. Hmmmph. I thought Iíd finally mastered this sort of thing. The bad graphic design gave me fits the entire game too, although normally things like that donít bother me much.

Mark 105, Doug 92, Jon 89, Susan 74, Adam 70, Marty 58

Medici with Doug, Mark, Adam, Jon, Marty and Susan. Wake up, Jon!


So, in the spirit of The Alphabet Game, we pulled this off the shelves as a game collecting dust that starts with the letter ďE.Ē Ed had found this highly collectible White Wind game on a business trip to Germany a few years ago. Being a Moon game, I had high hopes of enjoying it. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Itís a nasty, evil game. Just as we started playing, Marty left for home, leaving us with advice from the voice of experience Ė play with negotiation or the game will be too dry. Oh, did we ever take his advice to heart.

The mechanisms of the game all work well enough. The board is this big mountain and you have these wizard guys you are trying to advance up the mountain. The further up you can get them, the more points you will get. For the right to advance, you usually have to duke it out with another playerís wizard that is with you on the same spot. You throw this big handful of dice which are your spells to duel with. You assign these dice to wizards on the board for a war of most pips. The thing is, while you are mostly assigning them to your own wizards, you can also assign them to others to help them out, which introduces that nasty negotiation element. It turns into a lot of ďif you donít hose me, I wonít hose you and we can work together to hose Doug.Ē Ugh. This is exactly the type of discussion that drug out the final round, after an ugly little kingmaking situation that had Doug rolling a dice to decide who he was going to slam. To top it off, the dust cleared to find Adam, who wasnít much of a contender previously, as the winner and the rest of us in a five-way tie for second. Arrrghhh!! This is the result after ninety minutes?!?! I swear, the bitterness from this game will be carried over for weeks. I actually woke up the next morning still irritated. I do have one nice thing to say about the game, though. It has the Coolest Start Player Marker Ever.

Doug, Mark, Adam, Jon, Ed and Susan playing Elfenwizards.

The Elfenwizards start player marker.

And thus, my crabby night of games finally came to an end. Letís hope the next blue moon doesnít come for a long, long time!

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Posted by Susan Rozmiarek at March 21, 2005 8:56 PM


It's not something I'd particularly want to play again at a gaming night, but I think Thingamajig is one of the best party games I've played.

Posted by: Adam on March 21, 2005 10:53 PM

It took me about 3 games of Medici to get over the horrid graphics, since then I have really enjoyed the mechanics of this game.

Posted by: Ben on April 9, 2005 12:15 PM
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