July 7, 2004

Formula Dé - July Race

by Ed Rozmiarek

We have raced on a few interesting dates this year including April 4 (04/04/04) and June 6 (D-Day). So it makes sense that the July race would be on July 4, Independence Day. And what could be more fitting than to race on an US track, Monterey, California to be exact.

We were back up to seven drivers today. Although the results state that Roxana was in today's race, she actually was not able to attend. She did however convince Doug to drive for her.

Highlights from this month's race included:

  • The Monterey track turned out to be very brutal. Lot of straights just too long to make it easy to it in fourth gear and too easy to overshoot in fifth. Also, five of the seven drivers ended up crashing or with only one body or engine point left.
  • Susan did not win the pole position for the fifth straight race, with that honor going to Robert today. Susan in turn, used that fact (and the lack of the pole sitter curse) to win her first race of the season and first race in almost two years.
  • Ed, after overshooting the last corner by four and missing the pits, makes it half way through the second lap before spinning out. He limps into the pits with no tires, no brakes, one gas, engine and body. Having survived that lap, Ed promptly bumps into Mark just after coming out of the pits and crashes. (Taking out 12 spectators.)
Mark maintains his hold on first place in the points standings, but his lead is now down to 8 points over Roxana. There is a real battle for second place with only four points seperating second and fourth. With only three races left, the rest of the field probably has little realistic hope of the points championship. However Jon, the 2003 champ, has an outside chance of moving up to second with a win or two.

See our Formula Dé webpage for the detailed results of today's race or visit the picture gallery for the pictures from the race.

Check back with us again next month as we move up the west coast to Portland, Oregon.

Posted by Ed Rozmiarek at July 7, 2004 1:40 PM

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