June 11, 2004

Formula Dé - June race

by Ed Rozmiarek

Racing this month on the 60th anniversary of D-Day found us in Europe, but not France. I guess if I had been thinking I would have scheduled a race at Magny-Cours, France, but instead today found us at Zeltweg, Austria.

Only six racers entered the starting grid today as we had a couple regulars no-show. Although I would have liked to have had more, this at least made for a quicker race as we were finished in a little over 2 hours.

Highlights from this month's race included:

  • Mark's second win. He's on a hot streak with two wins in a row. Mark was in the middle of the pack for over 2 laps of the race after starting in last place. However he took the lead about midway through the third lap. He battled Jon for several turns but once Jon crashed, Mark didn't look back.
  • Susan won the pole position for the fourth straight race and continued the bad luck of the polesitter, finishing fourth.
  • Jon once again pushed his car to the limits and unlike last season (when he seemed to defy odds and win several races with a highly damaged car) he crashed for the third time this season (this time only taking out 2 innocent spectators). Will Jon learn his leason and drive more cautiously next race? Probably not.
  • Roxana giving Mark the evil look.
With his second win in a row, Mark pulls into a seven point lead in the standings. Ed and Roxana remain in striking distance, but the rest are starting to fall dangerously far off the lead to be much of a threat. Robert, Susan and 2003 champion Jon are about 20 points off the lead with only 4 races left. They need to make a move in the next race to have a decent shot at the 2004 points championship.

See our Formula Dé webpage for the detailed results of today's race or visit the picture gallery for the pictures from the race.

Check back with us again next month as we travel to the USA to race at Monterey, California.

Posted by Ed Rozmiarek at June 11, 2004 1:31 PM

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