March 8, 2004

Formula Dé March Race

by Ed Rozmiarek

A bright and lovely, 75 degree March day finds us inside racing on the 10th Anniversary track, are we geeks or what? Again, this was a new track to race on for us, so we didn't know what to expect. The general consensus was that there would be a lot of close racing with the two 3-stop and two 2-stop corners on the track. This did come true. However, we didn't think there would be a lot of fifth or sixth gear action. This did not play out. The track did turn out to have several opportunities for 5th gear and there were even some 6th gear rolls. The track turned out to be more deadly then we thought as we had three cars not finish. Two due to crashes (on the same corner) and one via engine.

As we have seen with other tracks with several multi-stops, the racing was close early on. In fact, we ended the first lap with all of the cars within two turns of each other. Probably the closest early racing we have had in a while. This lasted until midway through the second lap when I was able to hit a couple of sixth gear rolls and pull out ahead. However, good rolls by Mark and Jon kept them in the hunt as I was only able to build a one turn lead. However, the dice were with me this month (for a change) as I was able to make just about every corner and held on to the slim lead and take the checked flag this month.

Highlights from this month's race included:

  • The "Don't Let Him Behind the Wheel" award goes to Robert this month as he crashes, not one, but two cars. After pushing his car for a lap and a half to keep up with the leaders, Robert rolled sixth gear down the back straight into the second three stop corner. However, he was out of gas and was unable to double-downshift. He hit the corner in fifth and then '12' on the fourth gear roll pushed him too far past the corner and crashed in a fireball.

    After this, Kevin decided he waited to go play video games so turned his car over to Robert. So what does Robert do? He pushes through the same three stop corner and crashes poor Kevin's car at the same spot.

  • Roxana's poor Ladybug car was getting bruised and battered all race. It finally fell victim to the abuse half way through the third lap as its engine finally gave out as she tried to push it in 5th gear.
  • Ed not whining once about bad rolls and winning the race with a clean, undamaged car.
  • The "fantasy" track was very nice. I hope Eurogames decides to come out with more made-up tracks not based on real tracks as this gives them room to design tracks that play well and have unique features.

See our Formula Dé webpage for the detailed results of today's race or visit the picture gallery for the pictures from the race.

Posted by Ed Rozmiarek at March 8, 2004 10:56 AM

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