January 19, 2004

Looney Sunday

by Susan Rozmiarek

The folks from Looney Labs were at one of our local game stores, Dragon's Lair, this past Sunday demonstrating some of their games. I am interested in Ice Towers, an Icehouse game that is soon to be released in its own edition. Unfortunately, they were mostly playing Fluxx and Chrononauts.

Despite the bashing it receives by many "serious" gamers, Fluxx is a game I enjoy once in a while as a very light filler. My kids are my usual opponents, as they really love it. The downside is the occasional game that drags on endlessly. Fluxx used to be the game of choice for Ed and me when we were waiting for a pot of pasta water to boil. Yes, I'm serious!

My youngest loves Aquarius, but the game is ruined for me by some really random cards that can totally screw up your progress and hand it to someone else.

The real gem in the Looney lineup is the colorful Icehouse pyramids. There are several games I enjoy with these, including Zendo, Martian Chess, and Volcano. They had a Volcano game set up on a really nice acrylic board. Not usually for sale, they did say they had a few available right now on their website.

Anyway, it was really cool getting to meet them, even if I couldn't stay long enough to play any games. The demo area was quite crowded and they drew an interesting assortment of gamers that included several wild hairdos and body piercings.

Posted by Susan Rozmiarek at January 19, 2004 9:28 PM

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